Let food be your medicine...

“The best and most effective way for the body to utilize collagen is by taking it as food or a drink on a daily basis. I would recommend 5g -15g a day for patients requiring immediate relief and life-saving systemic benefits of collagen peptides.”

B.S. Biochemistry

“There are 3 ways to get collagen amino acid peptides into the body; 1. through injections, 2. intravenously and 3. through ingestion. There is also topical application of collagen, which in my opinion, is useless and more of a marketing propaganda. Subcutaneous injections and intravenous applications are very invasive and rather expensive. There is also the added risk of elevating creatinine levels with I.V. infusion, which can damage the kidneys while infections can happen with on site injections.”





“I drink Fountain of Youth Collagen with my coffee everyday to increase my immunity and energy levels.”

“Just before I hit 40, neither my physical nor mental health were in a good state. I went to my doctor who prescribed me sleepings pills to deal with stress. I had to take them religiously just to get a good nights sleep. After 2 years of taking sleeping pills, my health worsened and went on a downward spiral. New illnesses cropped up, which I now had to deal with; fibromyalgia and gravis myestina. By the 4th year, my hair started falling due to alopecia and half of my head became bald. I was told by my doctor that there was no cure for the hair loss and that I should just consider getting a hair transplant. It was at this point that I decided to take the reigns of my own wellness.

I used to work in the pharmaceutical ndustry so I was familiar with international guidelines on treatment protocols. I began my research and stumbled on the many benefits of collagen. After 6 weeks of taking collagen, I could already see the results and I started to feel so much better! I took a trip to Asia, where foods high in collagen is abundunt. I was in search of the best collagen in the world, only to come full circle and find it back home in Canada.

This is when I developed Fountain of Youth Collagen, a tasteless, odourless, pure collagen powdered drink from wild fish caught in the pristine waters of Canada. It is the only collagen that is Kosher and Halal certified.

I drink Fountain of Youth Collagen with my coffee everyday to increase my immunity and energy levels. One sachet contains 5g of pure protein peptides. When taken in the morning, it will also prime your metabolism and promote catabolism when your body converts energy from stored fat.”

Mrs. Z.
The Kitchen Alchemist
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With alopecia After 6 weeks