Did you know?

According to D R .   J E F F R E Y   L A X A ,   M . D . (A n e s t h e s i o l o g i s t   |   B . S .   B i o c h e m i s t y), “The best and most effective way for the body to utilize collagen is by taking it as food or a drink on a daily basis.”

“I would recommend 5g – 15g a day for patients requiring immediate relief and life-saving systemic benefits of collagen peptides…”

There are three (3) ways to get collagen amino acid peptides into the body:

  1. through injections;
  2. Intravenously; and
  3. through ingestion.

There is also topical application of collagen, which I believe is useless and more of a marketing propaganda. Subcutaneous injections and intravenous applications are very invasive and rather expensive. There is also the added risk of elevating creatinine levels with I.V. infusion, which can damage the kidneys while infections can happen with on-site injections.”